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What is Clark Therapy?

For Dr. Clark, almost all diseases had 2 origins: toxins and pathogens.


Toxins are immunosuppressive, and door openers for the intrusion of pathogens (parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.).

In her first book, "The Cure for All Diseases," Dr. Clark discusses the origin and treatment of innumerable conditions from arthritis and cancer, to psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, otitis, cystitis, infertility, and many others more.


The basic procedure in Clark Therapy is the avoidance and elimination of the different toxins present in the body, and the eradication of all pathogens that are the direct cause of most diseases, especially parasites.


In order to cleanse the body from toxins, the first step – after making sure to no longer getting these toxins into the body – is to strengthen the main detox organs: kidneys, liver and intestines. Even in cases where they appear to be well and functioning properly, they are usually burdened with toxins and metabolic waste, seriously compromising their intended function.


The liver of a "normal" or even healthy person can contain as many as 2,000 stones and "normal" kidneys usually have a large portion of their cavities clogged by debris and precipitate from metabolic waste.


By simply cleansing these 2 organs, conditions such as migraines or hypertension usually improve substantially. In more complex cases, it is necessary to add other procedures, such as the “Zapping” of certain glands, in order to achieve optimum functionality of these organs and optimum health for the patient.

La Terapia Clark por Ignacio Chamorro

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