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Providing guidance and consulting with the Dr. Clark cleanses and other important protocols and formulating personal, comprehensive health recovery plans for most types of chronic, degenerative health conditions.



Bachelor of Science Degree, Holistic Nutrition.  Independent researcher and student of

Dr. Hulda Clark methods since 1999.  Training in Therapies for Advanced Eating Disorders


Experience and Health Conditions of Special Interest: 

After discovering Dr. Clark’s many health improvement discoveries and methods in 1999 and regaining control over her own many health challenges where traditional medicine failed entirely, Nancy Callahan continued on with thorough research into Dr. Clark’s findings which enabled her to work with others throughout the years. 


Realizing how effective all the Parasite, Kidney, Bowel and Liver Cleanses and frequency devices were, along with the important food, body and environment clean-ups, she went on to formulate and author her Diabetes Recovery Program because she had friends and associates with Diabetes and felt strongly if they followed it, they could benefit.  All 3 of the first 3 on her Diabetes Recovery Program experienced huge improvements or recoveries, as long as they stayed on Maintenance protocols.   


These first 3 very successful non-clinical ‘trials’ were just the beginning of many dozens of both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics who experienced dramatic improvements and recoveries who followed the 40 Page, easy-to-follow, complete Diabetes Recovery Program.  While the Program has very specific parasite, virus and fungus cleansing, toxin clean up and nutritional aspects, the basis for success of recoveries was Dr. Clark’s findings of the pancreatic fluke, SV40 Virus, mold and fungus, safe eating, and very specific toxins. 


In addition to the basic Dr. Clark based cleanses and clean ups, Nancy also recommends any client with long-standing or difficult chronic health conditions also incorporate Dr. Clark’s most recent findings on ways to boost immunity and heal the body of the top food antigens, the worst toxins, the most dangerous pathogenic organisims, and the immune system’s white blood cell function. 


Nancy has helped people with the process of healing many types of conditions, and in addition to Diabetes Types 1 and 2, Nancy has special interest and experience with the following conditions:


Chronic multiple allergies

Ulcers and acid reflux

Chronic digestion problems

Chronic fatigue / CFIDS

Overweight / Underweight

Arthritis and chronic pain

Chronic Lyme Disease

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