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Expert in Therapy Clark as described by Dr. Hulda R. Clark. Assistant and scientific collaborator of Dr. Hulda Clark at the Clinic Clark of Tijuana (Mexico) from 2005 to 2008.


Director for Europe for training in Clark Therapy and member of the Research Team of Dr. Clark Research Association (San Diego, USA).


Director of the Clark Institute in Madrid.


Graduated from the International Syncrometor Educational Science Center and Director of Training for Europe.


Doctor (Cum Laude) in Naturopathy by the Bircham International University and Superior Titular in naturopathy by the Real University Center Escorial-María Cristina.


Master in Sports Nutrition by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.


Master in Nutrition and Human Nutrition by IUSC.


Expert in Orthomolecular Nutrition by the French Association of Orthomolecular Medicine, by the Institute of Active Cell Nutrition and by the Spanish Association of Nutritionists and Qualified Orthomolecular Therapists.


Superior Diploma in Bioelectrography by the International Union of Medical and Applied Biloelectrography and Director of Formation for Spain.


Diploma in Interactive Neurostimulation by Neuro Resource Group


Author of the book "Terapia Clark" currently available in 6 languages (English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian and Chinese)

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