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Naturopathic physician with approbation in Berne, Switzerland, specializing in herbal medicine. Consulted with patients for numerous years at the SanaVital office in Bern Switzerland. Has had training in numerous holistic approaches including dark field microscopy, massage therapy, homeopathy, humoral medicine, dietary medicine, water treatments, detoxification, cellular therapy. Self taught orthomolecular specialist.

Got in contact with Dr. Hulda Clark in 1995 and met with Dr. Hulda Clark in 1996, which inspired him to start the Dr. Clark Research Association in the US and the Dr. Clark Zentrum in Switzerland. Director of these companies which specialize in pure products according to Dr. Hulda Clark and the dissemination and research of Dr. Hulda Clark’s protocol.

Has taught numerous seminars about the Dr. Clark protocol in the United States, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, and Italy. Teaches and supports for, the only comprehensive study course for the Dr. Clark protocol available.

Owner and Director of Mountain Meadow Herbs, a brand of liquid herbal extracts and manufacturing place of the pure products according to Dr. Hulda Clark, as well as high quality supplements for 3rd parties. Has formulated numerous products for the Dr. Clark brand and for 3rd parties.

Author of the Clark Index and Glossary book. Translator, editor and publisher of many of Dr. Clark’s texts, including her books in German, French, and Spanish.

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