Terms and Conditions

Notice to the reader:

I'm not a doctor. Consult your doctor for medical advice.


This service is not intended for medical emergencies. For medical emergencies go to an emergency medical center.


The information contained in our answers is not intended to diagnose any disease.


The consumption of natural products should be a personal decision based on the conviction and understanding of the role that nutritional foods and supplements play in health and well-being.


Natural health products are always recommended to be used under the supervision and advice of a qualified natural health professional.


The information presented in this document shall not be construed as medical advice.


Each person is a world unto themselves and does not respond in the same way to the recommended protocols. We do not provide any guarantees for cure, prevention, treatment or mitigation of any medical condition.


Note that the reference to Dr. Clark's findings does not imply that these results have been corroborated by other scientists; Indeed, other scientists may disagree.


Dr. Clark's findings are based on bio-feedback testing. The bio-feedback research and the cases studied in the books of Dr. Clark are not considered as scientific by United States governmental authorities.


In the United States, the Zapper is not a medical device and we can not recommend it for medical use.

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